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The “Clean” Cocktail: Tequila to the Rescue

Best Alcohol to Drink on a Diet: The Tequila Fresca

We’ve noticed that all of our friends who “eat clean” – whether that means plant-based, gluten-free, Paleo, vegan or Keto—are drinking the same drink this summer: tequila over ice with a ton of freshly squeezed lime, hold the simple syrup, hold the salt. They say they like the fact that tequila comes from the agave plant and swear that the sugars in it don’t raise blood sugar. It’s not just wishful thinking.

A 2014 study, presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, found that natural sugars called agavins are in the agave plant, which can be used to make tequila. These sugars (not to be confused with the more commonly known agave syrup) are non-digestible and do not raise blood sugar. Sweet!

So while it isn’t exactly health food, this drink, which we’ve heard called the Tequila Fresca, is more healthful that a concoction that mixes in syrups, sodas, and fruit juices. To make, put some ice cubes or crushed ice in a glass, splash in as much tequila as you like. Squeeze lime into the glass. Feel free to spritz it up with some club soda, if you like, too.

—Janet Siroto

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