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Andie McDowell as We’ve Never Seen Her

NextTribe Andie MacDowell

While the movie Love After Love may be tricky to track down in your neighborhood, look for it. It’s the debut film by Russell Harbaugh and features the ever-beautiful Andie MacDowell, who returns to the screen in a challenging and engaging role.

MacDowell, 59, a model back in the day, is well-remembered for her performances in St. Elmo’s Fire (are you hearing the theme song in your head? We are), Sex, Lies and Videotape and Four Weddings and a Funeral. She’s been absent from the screen for a while, but returns as a recent widow trying to figure out her next steps as she and her sons grieve.

Emotions come spilling out – and not always sweet ones – as the family makes sense of life after loss. Audiences are loving the strong, multi-layered characters in the film—and the fact that MacDowell’s Suzanne is portrayed as a sexual being. The movie has nude scenes, MacDowell’s first. She has said that in the past, she avoided getting naked on-screen, worried about what her three kids might think. Now, that concern has faded…one of the hidden benefits of midlife, you might say.

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