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Getting Hired Is Getting Harder—And It’s Mostly Thanks to Good Ol’ Fashioned Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination In the Workplace: Getting Hired Is Harder Than Ever | NextTribe

Whether by choice or necessity, there’s no doubt we are working longer. Over the past 25 years, workers over age 55 have gone from 12 percent of the labor force to today’s 24 percent, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But before you let out a Yass! or initiate a fist-pump, consider this: A just-released EEOC study says that reports of age discrimination rising sharply, too.

After the Age Discrimination Employment Act was passed 50 years ago, a few thousand complaints were filed annually. That number has currently ballooned to 18,376 per year (though down from a record of more than 24,000 in 2008 when the recession triggered massive layoffs). Despite this alarmingly high number, the EEOC suggests that most discriminatory situations are not reported. Consider as more evidence that an AARP study uncovered that 60 percent of older workers have seen or experienced age discrimination on the job, and 9 out of 10 say the practice is common.

What to do if you feel as if you have been traded in for someone younger at your workplace? Make your voice heard—usually within six months of termination, please—here. By going on the record, we all help shine a light on this injustice and, hopefully, contribute to its well-deserved demise.

Janet Siroto

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